And so the heavens have set forth on their semi-annual attempt to destroy us with tiny drops of frozen water, and we find ourselves embroiled in another winter. For some reason my ancestors chose to settle in a land with more or less 8 months of winter, and knowing that they could have chosen Australia is why my hatred for kangaroos goes unabated. Still, there is something to be said for a fresh winterscape, as seen from a heated interior-scape.

Having wrapped up my penultimate semester of doing the things that aren’t this, I find myself with all kinds of time, which I suppose will probably go back into doing things that are this. Mainly I refer to our Christmas special, which is something we should probably think about starting. Last year’s was fun, at least. Christmas specials are great, you can do them once and then re-air them every year after. Of course we can’t do that here, since I summarily hurl our jpegs in the Fires of the Mountain once they’re posted, but that’s just the cost of doing business.

While you wait with anxious shallow breathing for whatever our holiday spectacular turns out to be, if indeed there is one (which is more suspect than it probably should be), why  not check out our bloopers month at the Sketchies lab. It’s a playlist of our greatest failings, like the one my father’s been playing in his head for years.

Enjoy the return of nog as well, drink deep of its sweet nectar while its here, for when its gone, we’ll remember that there’s, like, 4 months of winter left, nogless. Man was never meant to live here.

That’s the point, – Dan