As many of ill-advised attempts at moustaches and beards have made clear by now, it is November and with it returns the Movember tradition that has now officially become a “thing” that people do. Of course, Movember exists to raise awareness about men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer. Dave has forgotten to shave off his Movember beard for about 2 years now, so we felt it would be better to contribute in some other way.

In case you missed it, Tuesday’s Sketchie is a very special plug for 43 North Coffee, which is running a Movember promotion this month. Buy some great coffee and all the proceeds go to fighting prostate cancer. That’s more than you were going to do otherwise, right? Also, it’s really good coffee. It doesn’t have that minimum wage sadness you get at the coffee shop, but you can make at home so at least you don’t have to put on pants.

Buy some coffee, help fight cancer. Seems like a decent deal to me, but then I was told fighting cancer has to do with lasers which may or may not be true.

That’s the point, – Dan