I can’t think of a way to start this anniversary blog post, so let’s just get right to it.

Three years ago in a dark place I turned to pushing jpegs onto the web for fun and profit. Then I bought a new light bulb and in a slightly less dark place I commissioned a Dave to come up with words to cram in those jpegs. Now, three years in we have a webcomic and while the profit hasn’t exactly shown up yet, the fun is more or less intact.

This past year was a weird one for us. When we set out we said “wouldn’t it be cool if we could leverage this gig into a show on the Escapist?” And then we did that. That was a thing that happened, and you can still view its incorporeal truth here. Now I’m not sure what our goal is specifically, but we’re looking for ways to top that and it’s going to be tricky.

Of course that show came and went and then came back again in the form of Sketchies, because damn it we just like making shit, a sentence that takes on different connotation depending on where the italics are placed.

If we’re calculating years based on the Corrello calendar, beginning today, then mid-way through this year I’ll be graduating from some kind of educating. What that means for Sketch I really can’t say; either the end of everything or the beginning of the next level. I hope the latter.

Last year we made vague promises as to what the next year would hold. Some of it went well like Meta, some of it went differently like Proper (which I’m still going to do at some point). I don’t have any vague promises this time;  our lives here are more in flux than they’ve ever been and might ever be again this year, but I can say this. When we get together next September, if we’re still here then we’ll be somewhere and something we never thought possible. And it only goes up from there.

That’s the point, – Dan