We step gingerly from our caves, like Plato warned us about, to find the world not as we knew it, but rather mostly the same but the number on the calendar changed. Yes, it is indeed January, and we have to accept that. Personally I’m kind of done with all this vacationing, which is unfortunate as I still have a few days off. Woe is me.
This could be the year for us all. Or it could be like the last few, that’d be fine too. The important thing is we’re now well entrenched in our 4th year of this madness, and this train stops for no one, unless they have a ticket in which case we’re legally required to stop for them. This year we’ve got shows, we’ve got comics, and maybe some sort of comic show but that seems like it would be hard to produce.
Join us, won’t you? It’ll be a banner year for all. Especially once they give me access to the banner machine.
That’s the point, -Dan