I’m not sure this winter is physically capable of ending, but it seems weather has no effect on the continued passage of time, so we find ourselves nearly entrenched in summer, or on its ramparts at the very least.

While we’ve always been proud to serve up hot ‘n fresh jpegs for your devouring pleasure, we’ve shifted our update schedule in the past to meet the needs of the other commitments in our lives – namely acquiring expensive pieces of paper that allow us to do “real” work – and we’re even prouder to continue this tradition. As of May 26, 2014 Sketch will move to 3 comics a week – updating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

But what of those other two weekdays? Well, Tuesday’s a bastard, but he knows what he did and that’s no reason to hold Thursday accountable. So we’re going to fill the nebulous inner-space with a brand new show.

Remember when we made that other show? There’s a button up there to watch the whole series of it, which I recommend, and not just because I get paid if you watch it. Well, we’re taking the broadest interpretation of that show’s concept – making videos for the internet – and porting it to a new format. Sketchies are bite-sized nibbles of comedy; short entertaining videos to brighten your Tuesdays and Thursdays for under a minute before you return to your dreariness. Look forward to that.

With 5 days of content, a shiny new website and, did I mention, new shirts, things are looking pretty good ‘round here. Now if I could just kill those birds outside my window, I’d start to feel like I have purpose.

That’s the point. – Dan