I admittedly consist mainly of pixels at this point, between doing comics for the web in the form of webcomics and my side job doing having actual work, so I make the primary objective of my vacations to unplug as completely as possible. It’s really quite pleasant: no phone, no email, no internet, no television. Books are ok, because I’m not Amish or anything, but beyond that it’s nice to feel like you can put the world on hold for a week.

Mind you, it’s not exactly that the world’s call was particularly important to me, so putting it on hold is kind of like ignoring your child – you know that if you don’t pay attention at some point it will die but it can probably survive a while without you. I do not have children.

We managed to hold down the fort remotely for a week, but you may find some of our offerings this week flavoured justly by our recent departure. Namely today, which I proudly drew while reflecting the scene from a mirror.

At any rate, having drank and eaten my fill of guilt-free hedonism, I return to find us in the death grip of August, the Lazy Sunday Afternoon of months. Soon things will be winding up for myself at least as I return for the final year of my ongoing battle against higher learning, but for now we must drink deep of summer, for its cup empties ever more quickly, and I can’t help but feel it just got here.

That’s the point, – Dan